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#1 2007-Feb-28 16:51:25

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Hardware Description for WARP Board v 1.2....

Is there any specific hardware documentation available for WARP? I found the schematics for the FPGA and Radio Boards in the local SVN tree , but they are too overwhelming. I was looking for something geared towards the beginner ( a "getting started" guide to board description). For eg. , there are 9 switches, 19 User LED's ( I use the WARP board v 1.2), lots of jumpers for debugging....and no description.
           Kindly help with the documentation or point some links in the SVN tree which I might have missed.




#2 2007-Feb-28 17:08:59

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Hardware Description for WARP Board v 1.2....

We're actively writing the Users Guides for the hardware right now. You can read what we already have finished and check back as we write more. It's all online at http://warp.rice.edu/trac/wiki/HardwareUsersGuides.



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