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#1 2013-Jul-08 21:20:42

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4RF Reference Design (Possible) Error


In the reference design for the 4RF design ("w3_WARPLab_EDK_4RF_v7.1.0"), there appears to be an error within the wl_transport.c file. It seems the if statement in line 149 will always be evaluated as false:

if((eeprom_mac_addr[0] == 0x40) && (eeprom_mac_addr[0] == 0xD8) && (eeprom_mac_addr[0] == 0x55)){ ...}

This issue may also exist in the other reference design (i.e. 2RF, w2) C files.



#2 2013-Jul-08 21:26:21

From: Mango Communications
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Re: 4RF Reference Design (Possible) Error

Yep, that's a bug. Thanks for pointing it out. We'll fix it in the next release.

Thankfully the impact of the bug is minimal- the WARP v3 node will use a MAC address derived from its serial number instead of the one printed on the sticker on the back of the board (more details on why this is even implemented are in the user guide).

Edit: This bug was fixed in the WARPLab 7.2 ref design



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