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The 802.11 Reference Design and its documentation are under active development by the Mango team. The current release is considered a "beta"- updates with bug fixes, API changes, new features and other refinements will be posted frequently. Please check the downloads page? for the latest updates.

802.11 Reference Design for WARP v3

The 802.11 Reference Design implements a real-time OFDM PHY and DCF MAC on WARP v3. The base Reference Design can interact with commodity 802.11 devices, acting as either an AP or STA. Researchers can modify the design to explore extensions and improvements to the standard MAC and PHY and test their extensions in networks of real 802.11 devices.

Refer to the architecture page of this user guide for an overview of how the PHY, MAC and other code are integrated in the Reference Design. The PHY and MAC pages provide additional details on what features are implemented in the current design.

The 802.11 Reference Design is designed for Mango WARP v3 hardware. Previous generations of WARP hardware are not supported, as the design requires tools and FPGA features which preclude porting to Virtex-II Pro or Virtex-4 FPGAs.

The source code and models are available under the Mango Reference Design License. For any questions about the license please contact Mango Communications. For any technical questions about the design please post to the forums.