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WARPLab 7 is currently beta. New users should use WARPLab v6.


WARPLab is a framework for rapid PHY prototyping with MATLAB and WARP hardware. The latest version, WARPLab 7, is a complete rewrite of the original WARPLab framework.

What's New

WARPLab 7 makes many significant improvements over previous WARPLab releases:

  • New object-oriented m-code framework
    • Segmented code for subsystems (baseband, RF interfaces, network I/O)
    • Built-in support for iterating over nodes and RF interfaces
    • Much cleaner scripts when dealing with multiple nodes and interfaces
    • Easy upgrades by separating user extensions from core reference design
  • Packet "sniffing" logic to capture trigger packets in hardware
    • 10x reduction in node-to-node jitter in starting Tx/Rx cycles
    • Tx/Rx cycles start ~12usec sooner
  • Default buffers now 215 samples (32k samples, 800usec duration )

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