Rice University adopts WARP v3 for the classroom

Rice University has selected WARP v3 as the hardware platform for its digital communications laboratory course, ELEC 433.

ELEC 433 teaches the basics of implementing real digital communications systems. Each week students learn about and implement a new subsystem, including multi-rate filering, modulation, pulse shaping, carrier frequency offset and timing recovery. Students then implement the subsystem in real-time on the WARP v3 FPGA using the Xilinx System Generator and XPS tool flows. These lectures and lab assignments culminate in a working over-the-air link between WARP v3 nodes. In the last month of the course students also complete projects in advanced topics, such as MIMO, OFDM and channel coding, all using WARP hardware.

Rice has offered ELEC 433 every year since 2005, when the course was first offered (taught by Patrick Murphy, now with Mango) using Xilinx XtremeDSP kits. The course was ported to WARP v1 (by Chris Hunter, also with Mango), then to WARP v2 (by Michael Wu, PhD candidate at Rice) and this year to WARP v3 (by Evan Everett, Rice PhD student, and current ELEC 433 teacher).

Lecture materials for the course are freely available on the course website.

Evan Everett, teaching ELEC 433 (Spring 2013) ELEC 433 hardware setup (WARP v3 and FMC-BB-4DA)
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