wiki:XPS8.0 with Xilkernel

Creating an XPS 8.0 Project with Xilkernel

Install XBDs

Project Creation
1) Open XPS 8.0, select Base System Builder and click OK
2) Specify a new project file and click OK
3) Click next, set board vendor to Rice University - WARP Project, and select the version of hardware you have
4) Select PowerPC and click next
5) Set Processor clock to 200Mhz and Bus clock to 50MHz. Select 64KB for Data OCM and 128KB for Instruction OCM
6) Select required peripherals (being sure to check interrupt on push buttons, timers, etc)
7) Change the baud rate on RS232 to no more than 57600
8) On the final plb_bram_if_cntlr_1, set memory size to 128KB

MHS creation
9) Copy in any peripherals to your local pcore directory.
10) Back in XPS, go to "Project" and click Rescan user repositories.
11) Go to IP Catalog tab, and you should see your peripheral(s) in the "Project Repository" group. Add these and make the bus connection "OPB." You should see them in the System Assembly View now
12) click on the "Addresses" radio button in the System Assembly View, here, key in the appropriate addresses and sizes of your peripherals, locking the ones that are hardcoded. Then, let the rest update themselves by clicking the "generate addresses" button.
13) Click port

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