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#1 2015-Mar-13 15:33:30

From: Mango Communications
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WARPLab 7.5.1 available for WARP v3 and WARP v2

We're happy to announce version 7.5.1 of the WARPLab Reference Design for WARP v3 and WARP v2 hardware. See the WARPLab downloads page for the design archive.

For WARP v2, this release replaces the old WARPLab AGC core with a new core derived from the wlan_agc core in the 802.11 Reference Design.  It also updates the WARPLab Buffers core and Trigger Manager to support the new AGC.  Due to hardware limitations, WARP v2 cannot support larger buffer sizes but everything else is aligned with WARP v3.

For WARP v3, this release does not contain any major updates to the WARPLab 7.5.0 release.  However, it does add some transport improvements (see the transport benchmarks).

Please refer to the WARPLab 7.5 release notes for other important notes about this release.



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