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#1 2015-Sep-14 16:48:56

From: Mango Communications
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WARPLab 7.6.0 available for WARP v3

We're happy to announce version 7.6.0 of the WARPLab Reference Design for WARP v3 hardware. See the WARPLab downloads page for the design archive.

This release allows Read IQ / Write IQ commands to be processed while the node is transmitting or receiving (removes the restriction introduced in WARPLab 7.5.0) by moving to the ''WARP IP/UDP v1.00a'' Ethernet packet processing library.

The WARPLab 7.6.0 Reference Design includes a new MIMO OFDM Communication example that extends the SISO OFDM Communication example to use multiple transmit and receive antennas.

Important note for CM-PLL Users:  The WARPLab 7.6.0 release fixes bug when using the input / output triggers over CM-PLL cables.  See WARPLab CM-PLL Hardware Configuration for more information.

Please refer to the WARPLab 7.6.0 release notes for other important notes about this release.



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