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#1 2016-Nov-29 02:43:23

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Clock Oscillators


I am a beginner to WARP V3,I have read the few topics from the user guide mentioned by Mango Communications on their website.

I want to know in clocking section oscillator names are mentioned as Y1,Y5,,where are they mounted on board.



#2 2016-Nov-29 20:37:44

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Clock Oscillators

Y* are reference designators for the oscillator footprints on the WARP v3 PCB. You can find the ref designators in the silkscreen labels on both sides of the PCB. These labels correspond to the component labels in the schematics. Y1 (80MHz TCXO for RF reference and sampling clocks) is mounted on the top side between the RF interface circuits. Y5 (200MHz for FPGA logic) is mounted on the back side near the FPGA and FMC connector fanouts.



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