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#1 2018-Jan-18 12:11:14

From: Mango Communications
Registered: 2006-Aug-24
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802.11 Reference Design v1.7.5 Released!

Hi all,

We just released the latest version of the 802.11 Reference Design: v1.7.5. Download link and full changelog available here. This release adds support for OFDM and DSSS receptions without packet detection. At low SNR the receivers don't require AGC, so there's no need for packet detection before the PHY reception. The OFDM Rx starts on an LTF correlation event; the DSSS Rx starts on a SYNC field detection. If packet detection fires the AGC will be triggered, but this is no longer required before a PHY Rx event. This change improves Rx sensitivity for both OFDM and DSSS waveforms.

Additionally, new Rx sensitivity characterization results are available here. The Mango 802.11 Reference Design exceeds the sensitivity requirements of the 802.11 spec for all supported PHY modes.



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