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#101 2018-Aug-06 05:59:23

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Re: Experiment with TokenMAC

Many thanks for the detailed reply.

With respect to the following comment from Chunter, is there an existing function to check the size of the packet buffers with packets that are ready to send? Then this can be used as a condition in the MAC low framework when switched between MACs to end the already started transmissions from previous MAC.


If there are packets in the Tx packet buffers in CPU_LOW waiting to be sent at the time of the switch, how are you getting the DCF to start sending them? CPU_HIGH won't try to send any more IPC_MBOX_TX_MPDU_READY messages if it has already filled in the ping/pong packet buffers. It's up to CPU_LOW to finished sending those packets before CPU_HIGH will dequeue anymore.  Something like that could lead to the behavior you are seeing. The AP would be waiting on the DCF to finish sending packets it passed down a while ago while the DCF is waiting for the AP to send it more packets.

Thanks in advance



#102 2018-Aug-07 13:22:24

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Experiment with TokenMAC

You can examine the tx_frame_info at the start of each Tx packet buffer to understand the buffer's current contents.



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