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#1 2018-Oct-16 09:07:04

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4x4 MIMO phase synchronization


I am working on a 4x4 MIMO implementation with WARP v3 and x245 extension board with warplab. I extended the 2x2 MIMO example but found there is some phase synchronization issue between the motherboard and daughter board. For example, I can see a significant variation of the phase difference between antenna 1 (RX_A) and antenna 3 (RX_C). Do you guys have any idea about the possibility of this? Could you give me some suggestions on the possible solutions?

Thanks in advance!




#2 2018-Oct-16 10:01:18

From: Mango Communications
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Re: 4x4 MIMO phase synchronization

Can you clarify what you mean by variation in phase difference? The phase relationship will be arbitrary upon configuration, but should be fixed as long as you don't change certain MAX2829 parameters like center frequency. Are you seeing a variation across an otherwise static configuration?



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