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#1 2020-Apr-07 05:06:18

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warp v3: tx power & range


I am ready to buy warp v3, I would like to consult:
1. What is the TX power of warp in dBm? For example, if the gain is 30dB, then what is the corresponding real power in dBm.
2. How many meters can the warp TX and RX distance reach.

Thank you for your precious time and reply.



#2 2020-Apr-07 09:40:05

From: Mango Communications
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Re: warp v3: tx power & range

The WARP v3 hardware platform is discontinued and no longer available for sale.

If you're interested in our 802.11 designs, the newer 802.11 MAC/PHY Design is a good option to consider. This design provides all the features of the older 802.11 Reference Design for WARP v3, but is re-built in Xilinx Vivado and runs on modern, third-party SDR platforms.



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