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#1 2021-Jun-15 03:45:51

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MAC DCF code


We are working on a Full-duplex project and I am working on the MAC part.
For now, I want to disable the sensing channel mechanism. I mean I want AP and STA start transmission without sensing the channel and don't care if the medium is busy or not. In the wlan_mac_dcf.c, I could not find how I can disable this part. I would be so grateful if you could guide me on this part.

Another question is that, I set the pre_backoff (n_slots) and post_backoff to zero and I expect that AP and STA face a congestion every time. But, STA always wins the medium. What common variable between AP and STA should set with the same value that they both always face congestion?




#2 2021-Jun-17 08:34:52

From: Mango Communications
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Re: MAC DCF code

If you want nodes to transmit without regard to the medium state, I would suggest starting with NoMAC. The DCF is inherently half-duplex and schedules Tx events relative to channel activity, including the node's own Tx/Rx events.



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