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#1 2022-Aug-22 03:04:23

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Estimating 802.11 wireless throughput using two warp nodes

   I now have some questions about how to estimate 802.11 wireless throughputs using two warp nodes.
   First, from the project "802.11 Reference Design: Downloads", we can obtain the example script of "throughput_two_nodes.py". It seems to estimate the throughput in a wired manner for two warp nodes. Thus, one question is how to modify this script to estimate throughput in a wireless way.
   In addition, I have a confusion why we only  Connect ETH_B of each WARP v3 node to the same switch. I find that there is an important note to explain it, but I cannot follow it, could you help to explain this important note in a simple way. Thanks.

"Important: do not connect ETH_A of multiple WARP v3 nodes to the same switch. The 802.11 Reference Design wired-wireless portal will attempt to bridge ETH_A to the wireless interface. Mixing this behavior with wlan_exp traffic will have unpredictable results."



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