This exercise provides a basic introduction to the WARP hardware platform and the tools that are used to develop and download applications for it. Hardware required for this exercise is a WARP V2Pro FPGA board (version 1.2 or higher) and a Windows PC with USB and serial port connectivity. Software tools required for this exercise (running on the Windows PC) are Xilinx ISE (version 8.2.03i) and Xilinx Platform Studio (version 8.2.02i). ISE is required only because this exercise uses iMPACT, a software application included as part of the ISE installation. If you have not already done so, install Xilinx ISE 8.2.X and Xilinx Platform Studio 8.2.X on the Windows PC you will be using for this exercise. Questions regarding procurement and installation of Xilinx software tools should be directed to Xilinx at

The following sections each provide an introduction to a different aspect of using the WARP FPGA board.

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