Clean-slate Multi-hop Wireless Networks Using WARP

(poster and demonstration at Infocom 2007)

Authors: Patrick Murphy, Chris Hunter, Joseph Camp, Ahmed Khattab, Edward Knighly and Ashutosh Sabharwal


Rice University's Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP) is a platform designed to enable flexible research and prototyping of wireless networks at all layers. Specifically, WARP provides flexible processing resources tightly copuled to multiple radio interfaces, which can either be used for wideband operation or high-performance MIMO interfaces. This tight coupling of radio interfaces with local processing resources enables the construction of high-throughput, real-time physical layers. Further, the platform includes processors and network interfaces well-suited to implementing and evaluating novel protocols at the medium access control (MAC) and higher networking layers. In this demonstration, we will highlight each of these capabilities.


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