MIMO OFDM Physical Layer

Get the latest version of the OFDM peripheral core from the repository: ResearchApps/PHY/MIMO_OFDM/.


The OFDM reference design is a full EDK project which implements a wired-wireless bridge between two WARP nodes. This design includes the MIMO OFDM core, along with many other cores required to build a full wireless project.


  1. Overview
    1. Introduction
    2. Tools & hardware requirements
    3. Model files list
  2. Physical layer details
    1. Key PHY features
    2. Auto response system
    3. Frame formats
  3. Using the model in hardware
    1. Top-level ports
    2. Shared memory blocks
    3. Driver
    4. Application requirements?
    5. System requirements
  4. Performance Benchmarks
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