OFDM Reference Design - Wireless/Wired Bridge

This simple application uses the OFDM Reference Design to build a wired-to-wireless bridge. It utilizes two WARP nodes, each connected via Ethernet to a separate PC. Every packet received on the WARP node's Ethernet interface is transmitted over the air. Every packet received over the air is copied to the node's Ethernet interface. This bridging "tricks" the two PCs into believing they are connected directly over Ethernet.

In this application, the WARP nodes have no MAC or IP addresses. Both nodes run the same program. There is no medium access control protocol; every packet is transmitted wirelessly immediately, and no retransmissions or ACKs are generated.


  • 2 WARP SISO or MIMO kits
  • 2 PCs with Ethernet interfaces


  1. Connect each WARP node directly to the Ethernet interface of the PCs
  2. Configure the PC Ethernet interfaces with IP address on the same subnet ( and, for example)
  3. Generate the FPGA configuration file for the design using the OFDM Reference Design project and the noMAC software project
  4. Configure both WARP nodes using the same download.bit
  5. When it's working, the PCs will be able to ping each other, stream video (using VLC, for example), or any other point-to-point network application


The code for this application is provided in noMAC.c. The default OFDM Reference Design project includes noMAC as a software project.


Detailed benchmarks are available for the latest (v14) reference design's noMac implementation.

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