Note: As of version 10.1.02, Xilinx has added a stable EDK export flow to System Generator. The new flow creates a PLB46 slave interface with access to registers, FIFOs and shared memory blocks in the user design. This flow completely replaces sysgen2opb and the OPB Export Tool. As a result, these tools are no longer maintained.

OPB Export Tool

The OPB Export Tool is a System Generator compilation target. Once installed, this tool will enable the generation of a pcore, a self-contained peripheral core containing the HDL, netlists and data files necessary for its use in the EDK. This tool is part of the sysgen2opb flow and must be installed before generating OPB peripherals in System Generator.

System Generator 8.1/8.2/9.1

  1. Download
  2. Unzip the contents of
  3. Launch Matlab and change the current directory to where you unzip the contents of
  4. Read the Xilinx's terms of use in the enclosed README.pdf file.
  5. In Matlab, run the following:
  6. When this process finishes, you should see a new compilation target - 'WARP OPB Export Tool' - in the System Generator token.
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