Note: Xilinx ISE, EDK, Sysgen and Chipscope version 10.1.03 are required for WARP FPGA Board v1. The WARP FPGA Board v2 is supported by versions 10-13.

The Xilinx Tools suite is used extensively for WARP development. EDK and ISE are required for working with complete projects. Chipscope is used for debugging and all our physical layers are designed in System Generator for MATLAB. Xilinx tools from version 11 onwards do not support the Virtex-II Pro FPGA hence if you are using FPGA Board v1 you must request Xilinx tools 10.1.03.


ISE, EDK, Chipscope

  1. Install the programs into directories without spaces (e.g. c:\Xilinx\ISE). Note: Installing to a directory whose name does not contain the version number will make it easier to switch between versions in the future.
  2. Install any available service packs for each program
  3. Install any IP updates for each program


  1. Install into directory without spaces (e.g. c:\Matlab\)

System Generator

  1. Only install System Generator after installing MATLAB. During the installation process, it should see your existing installation of MATLAB and integrate with it.

Platform Support Packages

The final piece is to download our custom cores repository. The instructions are available here.

At this point you should have all the different pieces required to develop on WARP.

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