wiki:WARP User Guide

WARP User Guide

This is a more in-depth User Guide for the WARP Platform utilizing the Xilinx Platform Studio tools.

  • Power PC Architecture and Programming for the WARP: An Overview - A big to-the-point introductory guide for programmers who plan on doing software development for WARP. A large portion of this guide is dedicated to xilkernel.
  • XPS - Using XPS to Develop Hardware/Software Projects for WARP
  • Peripheral Test - Walkthrough for setting up and running the Peripheral Test on the WARP FGPA board v1.1
  • Developing EDK-compliant Peripherals - A magnificent guide for developing peripherals that can be brought into XPS, including the type that can be controlled by PowerPC. Please note that this guide does not encompass Sysgen2OPB-type peripherals.
  • SystemACE on WARP Guide - In depth guide concerning Compact Flash (CF) formatting, CF reconfiguration in both hardware and software, and CF FAT file systems.
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