Node Commands Technical Reference

Node commands are selected as string inputs to the wl_nodeCmd method in wl_node.m. These strings are each individual cases of the switch statement in procCmd method of wl_node.m.


MATLAB allows two valid forms of syntax for calling methods

  • Let N be a scalar or vector of wl_node objects
  • Let command_string be a string containing a particular command
  • Let arg be an argument for that command (optional)

Syntax 1: wl_nodeCmd(N, command_string, arg1, arg2, ..., argN)

Syntax 2: N.wl_nodeCmd(command_string, arg1, arg2, ..., argN)

These two different forms of syntax are identical and either may be used for issuing commands to WARP nodes.

Command List and Documentation


Reads details from the WARP hardware and updates node object parameters

Arguments: none

Returns: none (access updated node parameters if needed)

Hardware support:
WARPLab design version
Hardware version
Ethernet MAC Address
Number of Interface Groups
Number of Interfaces

WARP v3:
Serial number
Virtex-6 FPGA DNA


Reads the temperature (in Celsius) from the FPGA

Arguments: none

Returns: (double currTemp), (double minTemp), (double maxTemp)

currTemp - current temperature of FPGA in degrees Celsius
minTemp - minimum recorded temperature of FPGA in degrees Celsius
maxTemp - maximum recorded temperature temperature of FPGA in degrees Celsius


Initializes the node; this must be called at least once per power cycle of the node

Arguments: none

Returns: none


Blinks the user LEDs on the WARP node, to help identify MATLAB node-to-hardware node mapping

Arguments: none

Returns: none

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