Azimuth Emulator

One key component in our testing and evaluation of new algorithms is the use of an Azimuth Wireless Channel Emulator to control and replicate channel conditions. The Emulator has become an integral part in verifying our hypothesis by generating detailed characterization reports.

Research Example

A recent example of our use of the Azimuth Emulator is the physical layer development for cooperative communications. As part of a Ph.D. thesis the Emulator was used to verify real-time over the air physical layer cooperation.

The Emulator supports full MIMO but to enable the three two-way channels for cooperation, the setup used external combiners (PE2014).

Setup of WARP Boards with Azimuth Emulator

Code Examples

Azimuth has a well documented TCL API for scripting tests. The API enables control of channel attenuations, channel models etc. to run aggregated experiments across several independent variables. We wrote the WARPnet 1.0 measurement architecture to control a real-time WARP design. The same architecture enables the control of the Azimuth Emulator over a Python to TCL bridge. Code examples to control an Emulator are available here.


Research Applications


Azimuth has been extremely supportive of university programs and we encourage you to contact them at info@… for further information.

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