This page describes WARPnet v1.0, which supports the OFDM Reference Design. For experiments with the 802.11 Reference Design please refer to WARPnet 2.0

Azimuth Emulator Support

The WARPnet Framework supports control of an Azimuth ACE 400WB Channel Emulator along with the WARP boards themselves. A channel emulator is very useful to characterize the performance of algorithms in controlled environments. The client script has access to the full TCL API that the Azimuth Emulator provides. Our experience/research with the Azimuth Emulator can be found here.


Run tclserver.tcl that is available in the warpnet_framework folder on the same machine that has Director-II installed. The command to run it is

 tclsh tclserver.tcl

This computer must be on the same network as the computer running the WARPnet Server.

Emulator Scripts

In order to control the Azimuth Emulator from your script use the following commands.

First the warpnet_client must be informed of the Emulator's presence.

 emulator = initEmulator()

The returned Emulator() object is used for Emulator communication. To have the WARPnet Server connect to the tclserver.tcl run


where you can replace the IP address above with the IP address of the computer running tclserver.tcl.

Finally to send commands to the Emulator run the following

 emulator.command('ace_identify_chassis', 'C1')

The input to command is an arbitrary list of values that are concatenated together as a string. This string is the actual command that will be executed on the computer. To ensure that you command is valid, refer to the TCL API that the Azimuth Emulator provides.

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