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Decomposable MAC Framework for Highly Flexible and Adaptable MAC Realizations

Demonstration abstract. Proc. of DySPAN, 2010, Singapore.

Authors: Junaid Ansari, Xi Zhang, Andreas Achtzehn, Marina Petrova and Petri Mähönen


Cognitive radios are becoming reality also in implementation domain. Besides the need for hardware reconfigurability and the capability to sense spectrum opportunities, adaptability in the MAC designs is required so that the wireless communication systems can support cognitive radio functionalities. In this demo paper, we introduce a MAC design framework enabling fast composition of MAC protocols which are best fitted to the application requirements, communication capabilities of the radio, and current regulations and policies. Our design is based on the decomposition principle and allows on-the-fly realization of the required MAC protocol from a set of basic functional components. By exposing extended meta-data and hardware functionalities for the MAC implementation through our granular components, together with the support for run-time re-configuration, spectrum agile and cognitive MAC solutions can be easily realized. We validate our approach through realization of a few MAC solutions on the WARP board originally from Rice University, USA. We also demonstrate the ease of MAC realization, fast real-time adaptation based on the spectral characteristics and high degree of code reuse.


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