After the Base System Builder Wizard has closed, the Platform Studio main window will appear. In it, you should see a representation of the processors, buses, and peripherals that comprise your system. If your XPS main window does not resemble the following screen shot, make sure that the System Assembly View tab is displayed and that the Bus Interface filter has been selected.

Select the Addresses filter from the top of the System Asembly View tab. The resulting view shows the adress range of each resource in the system. Although each resource should have an address range already assigned to it, click GENERATE ADDRESSES to guarantee that this is the case.

If you receive a warning message that 2 processors were found in the system, simply click IGNORE. This example utilizes only one processor, so address generation is only required for the single processor that is being used.

Verify that the address map was created successfully, then generate a bitstream (compile the hardware component of your system into a file that can be downloaded to the FPGA). Bitstream generation may be initiated through the Hardware menu at the top of the XPS main window, or by clicking the corresponding icon at the top of the window. Note that the resulting system, while complete from a hardware perspective, will still lack a software program.

Verify that bitstream generation is complete.

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