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Xilinx Platform Studio is a software application that allows users to construct FPGA-based hardware systems from a variety of intellectual property (IP) cores. It permits the integration of hardware (compiled into the FPGA fabric) with software (running on embedded processors within the FPGA) to deliver true system-on-a-chip functionality. In this exercise, you will use Xilinx Platform Studio to develop an integrated application that will then be downloaded to the WARP FPGA board.

Hardware devices required for this exercise are

  • A Windows PC with:
    • Serial port
    • USB 2.0 port
  • A WARP FPGA board (version 1.2).

Software applications required for this exercise are:

  • Xilinx ISE 8.2 with Service Pack 3 and IP Update 2 OR Xilinx ISE 9.1 with Service Pack 3 and IP Update 3
  • Xilinx EDK 8.2 with Service Pack 2 OR Xilinx EDK 9.1 with Service Pack 2
  • Terminal emulator application, e.g. Tera Term Pro or equivalent.

Supporting files required for this exercise are

  • A current copy of the WARP EDK User Repository.

It is assumed that the user has connected all required cables between the WARP board and the Windows PC, and that basic USB and serial communication links have been established with the FPGA board. Once the USB communication link has been verified using iMPACT, the iMPACT application should be closed. Please refer to the WARP FPGA Board Introduction for help configuring your FPGA board's USB and serial interfaces.

The remainder of this exercise is broken up into four distinct sections.

The following pages contain many screenshots and may take some time to load.

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