What tools are required to use WARP?

To fully utilize WARP, users will require a complete setup of Xilinx's development tools:

  • ISE Foundation (v8.2 or greater)
  • Platform Studio and EDK (v8.2 or greater)
  • System Generator for DSP (v8.2 or greater)
  • ChipScope (v8.2 or greater)

These tools are available for purhcase from Xilinx. Universities can request a donation of the full set of tools through the Xilinx University Program.

Also, System Generator requires MATLAB and Simulink. You can view the compatible versions of MATLAB for a given System Generator version at Xilinx's site.

How do I send video from one computer to another?

We use VLC to stream video as data for our custom wireless links. This is good qualitative step to verify the link. We have a brief tutorial on using VLC to do this here.

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