How do I install sysgen2opb?

The sysgen2opb flow has two parts. The first is the sysgen2opb script and other supporting files, which are used to convert the interfaces in a System Generator model into OPB-compatible registers. The second is the OPB Export Tool, which creates the netlist and peripheral data files for your design.


You can download the sysgen2opb files from the repository. These files should be installed in your MATLAB path. We recommend putting the files in the following directory, where <MATLAB_ROOT> is the root of your MATLAB 7.1 installation.

  |-WARP Blockset\

After copying the sysgen2opb files to this folder, you need to update MATLAB's search path to include the new directory. In MATLAB, choose File->Set Path. Click Add with Subfolders, navigate to <MATLAB_ROOT>\toolbox\WARP, click OK, then click Save. Finally, run these commands on the MATLAB command line to force a refresh of the toolbox caches:

rehash toolboxcache
rehash toolbox
clear all functions

OPB Export Tool

You can download the OPB Export Tool from its page on this site. The installation process differs between versions of System Generator. Please see the OPB Export Tool page for complete instructions.

I am not able to open any of the Xilinx System Generator blocks.

On the Command Window of Matlab, if you are seeing a similar error message like the following:
Error updating block : xbsIndex_r4/EDK Processor
Error updating block : xbsControl_r4/EDK Processor
Error updating block : xbsDSP_r4/DSP48 Macro
Error updating block : xbsIndex_r4/DSP48 Macro

Then run the following three commands in Matlab:

rehash toolboxcache
rehash toolbox
clear all functions
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