ELEC 433

Architecture For Wireless Communications

Instructors: Evan Everett and Michael Wu

Rice University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Week 1: Course Overview / Intro to System Generator

Week 2: Modulation

Week 3: Filtering Part 1

Week 4: Filtering Part 2

Week 5: Running you Design in WARP

Week 6: Frequency Conversion

Week 7: Carrier Frequency Offset Recovery

Week 8: Timing Synchronization Part 1

Week 9: Timing Synchronization Part 2

Week 10: Demodulation and BER Testing


  1. Frequency Response Demo (Great for verifying filter designs)
  2. Subsytems Demo (Shows how to organize complex models into orderly subsytems)
  3. To/From Workspace Demo (Illustrates how your Sygen model can interact with the Matlab Workspace)
  4. ASR Demo (Adressable shift registers are using frequently in digital comm implementation)
  5. Download all the demos at once here.
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