This page describes WARPnet v1.0, which supports the OFDM Reference Design. For experiments with the 802.11 Reference Design please refer to WARPnet 2.0

Running the WARPnet 1.0 Server

Hardware Setup

  1. Connect all the WARP board to a single Ethernet switch. Any number of boards are supported.
  2. Connect a computer which has all the software installed to the same switch.

Software Setup

As mentioned in the architecture of WARPnet, the system is divided into a server and controllers. The server is the central hub of data transfer and responsible for moving data between the controllers and the nodes. Only one instance of the server needs to be running at any time. Client scripts can be run over and over with restarting the server.

The controllers and server connect using network sockets while the server connects to the nodes by either network sockets (if using a Backdoor Board) or PCAP (if using the main Ethernet connection).

To run the server navigate to the warpnet_framework directory. Run the following:

 python pcapInterface controllerPort pcapInterfaceMACaddress

The pcapInterface is the physical interface (eth0, en1, etc.) that the FPGA Boards are connected to over the switch. The controllerPort is the port on which the server listens for connections to controllers/clients. The first script will extract the MAC address of the pcapInterface and pass it to the server or in the second case you must pass it yourself.

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