Throughput Benchmarks

Throughput vs. SNR

This test measures the achieved throughput of each PHY rate between two WARP v3 nodes running the 802.11 Reference Design. One node acts as AP, the other as a STA. Traffic is generated locally via the LTG framework. The traffic is generated with a payload of 1400 bytes (for an overall transmission length of 1428 bytes when both the 802.11 MAC header and FCS bytes are included). Measurements are extracted from the nodes via the experiments framework. The nodes' RF interfaces are connected via a coax cable and a variable attenuator. The attenuation is swept from 70dB to 99dB in 1dB steps.

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  • The performance of each PHY rate over an AWGN link lines up with theoretical predictions [1]. This includes the interesting observation that the 12Mbps rate outperforms the 9Mbps both in terms of achieved throughput as well as error tolerance. Notably, the 9Mbps PHY rate has been removed from 802.11n and beyond.

[1] Goodput analysis and link adaptation for IEEE 802.11a wireless LANs - Daji Qiao; Sunghyun Choi; Shin, K.G.

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