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Hardware Release Date Posted SVN Rev. ISE Ver. Arch
WARP v3 1.8.0 21-May-2019 6322 14.4 Dual MB/AXI

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Reference Design Archive

The Mango 802.11 Reference Design is packaged as a .zip file with the full source code and compiled bitstreams for the reference design. You can view the latest source code in the repository (ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11). Please note the code in the repository is under active development.

The contents of the 802.11 Reference Design .zip file are explained below.


This file explains terms under which the 802.11 Reference Design is released.


Bitstreams are fully-built designs that are ready to be downloaded onto WARP hardware. Files ending with the extension '.bit' may be downloaded using the Xilinx tool iMPACT. Files ending with the extension .bin may loaded onto an SD card so that the WARP v3 hardware will automatically be programmed whenever it is powered on and has the SD card inserted. Details on how to configure an SD card with a '.bin' file are provided here.


This folder contains an EDK project built with the Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK) software. The hardware design is constructed and implemented in EDK Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS). The software designs, running in two MicroBlaze processors, are built in the Xilinx SDK. Opening the EDK project requires a copy of the WARP edk_user_repository at the SVN revision in the table above.

The EDK_Projects folder contains the XPS hardware project and the SDK software projects. The SDK projects can be imported into an SDK workspace without rebuilding the hardware project.

The software projects are present in the SDK_Workspace subfolder of the XPS project. We recommend using this folder as the location of your SDK workspace. Refer to the SDK Usage page for details on creating an SDK workspace that can build the reference design C code.


This folder contains the source System Generator models for the PHY Rx, Tx, AGC and MAC-DCF. Each sub-folder also contains the init scripts and support files required by each model. These scripts and models are configured to run in simulation as-is. To run a simulation, open MATLAB, cd to one of the model directories (wlan_phy_rx_pmd, for example), open the .mdl file and click Run.


This folder contains the reference version of the wlan_exp Python package and associated example scripts. See the wlan_exp Getting Started page for details on installing the wlan_exp package from this folder.

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