FMC-RF-2X245 User Guide

The Mango FMC-RF-2X245 is an FMC module with two dual-band RF interfaces. Each interface implements a full digital-to-RF transceiver chain. The RF interface circuits are based on the same design as the WARP v3 integrated RF interfaces.

The FMC-RF-2X245 board is an FMC HPC module. It is designed primarily for use in the FMC slot of the WARP v3 kit. Use of the module on other FMC HPC hosts is possible. Please refer to the FMC section of this user guide for details.

The FMC-RF-2X245 board is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). You must take ESD precautions when handling the hardware. Always ensure you are grounded before touching the board. Damage due to ESD is not covered by warranty.
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