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Using the 802.11 Reference Design: STA Application



Refer to the UART usage page for an overview of how the 802.11 design uses the UART cores on each CPU.

The normal UART output on boot of the AP application is:

----- Mango 802.11 Reference Design -----
----- v1.0 ------------------------------
----- wlan_mac_sta ----------------------

< High Framework Boot Messages - See Above >

WLAN MAC Station boot complete:
  Default SSID : WARP-AP
  Channel      : 1
  MAC Addr     : 40-D8-55-04-21-4A

Press the Esc key in your terminal to access the UART menu

The STA boot message indicates the SSID it searches for by default (WARP-AP) and the node's wireless MAC address (40-D8-55-04-21-4A here).

The STA application implements a simple UART menu, accessed by hitting ESC key:

********************** Station Menu **********************
[1] - Interactive Station Status
[2] - Print all Observed Statistics

[a] -   display BSS information
[r/R] - change unicast rate

Option 1 will show a sub-menu with a command to reset all Tx/Rx statistics.

Option 2 will print the Tx/Rx statistics for all traffic at the STA.

Option a will print the list of wireless networks the STA has discovered during its active scan.