Please visit WARP platform support cores for the latest documentation. The links below are out of date but preserved for reference.

Interface Cores

Board Support

  • XBD - Describes the WARP FPGA Board to the Xilinx tools for Base System Builder use.

System Generator Tools

  • WARP Blockset - Additional blocks over System Generator that enable the use of the Radio Boards from user designs.

Note: The following tools are used only for Xilinx versions 9.1 and lower. As of version 10.1.02, Xilinx has added a stable EDK export flow to System Generator. The new flow creates a PLB46 slave interface with access to registers, FIFOs and shared memory blocks in the user design. This flow completely replaces sysgen2opb and the OPB Export Tool. As a result, these tools are no longer maintained.

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