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Installation and Setup

Tools Installation

Nearly all uses of WARP require the Xilinx tool suite (ISE, EDK , Chipscope, and System Generator). System Generator also requires an installation of Matlab.

ISE, EDK, Chipscope

  1. Install the programs into directories without spaces (e.g. c:\Xilinx). By default, the Xilinx installers will install everything to C:\Xilinx\.
  2. Install any available service packs & IP updates for each program. This is critical- the latest service packs for ISE, EDK and Sysgen fix some bugs that break support for the OFDM reference design in earlier releases.


  1. Install into directory without spaces (e.g. c:\Matlab\)
  2. None of our reference designs require any special MATLAB toolboxes. However, we regularly use the Communications and Signal Processing toolboxes/blocksets in our research and many of our posted examples.

System Generator

  1. Only install System Generator after installing Matlab.
  2. The installer should find your existing installation of Matlab and integrate with it.

Platform Support Packages Installation

The best way to setup a local copy of our platform support files is via Subversion.

  1. Install TortoiseSVN; any SVN client will work, but the instructions below are tailored for TortoiseSVN
  2. Create a folder c:\edk_user_Repository and open this folder in Windows Explorer
  3. Right-click in the empty folder, and click "SVN Checkout."
  4. Enter "" into the field for the URL of the repository.
  5. Click OK. This may take several minutes for all the files to transfer.
  6. Launch Xilinx Platform Studio. On the first prompt, click Cancel.
  7. Open Edit->Preferences. In the Application Preferences section, find the Global Peripheral Repository field.
  8. Enter C:\edk_user_repository\ as a Global repository.

Hardware Setup

  • Hardware User Guides - These user guides detail the various components and configuration options associated with the WARP hardware.



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