CM-MMCX User Guide: Configuration

The CM-MMCX module includes a 2-position SIP switch connected to FPGA I/O. This switch can be used to configure per-node clocking in user applications at run time. The function of each switch is undefined by default. User applications must access the corresponding FPGA I/O and update clock configurations as needed.

w3_clock_controller Core

The w3_clock_controller core includes logic to read the CM-MMCX switch positions and set the RF and sampling clock sources automatically.

For the sampling clock source the core reads the switch immediately after FPGA configuration and writes only the clock source register in the sampling clock buffer.

For the RF reference clock source, the core provides register access to the switch settings, allowing user code to select the RF reference clock source.

FPGA Contraints

The CM-MMCX PCB does not include pull-up resistors on the FPGA I/O connected to the switches. When a switch is closed the corresponding FPGA I/O is tied to ground. When a switch is open the FPGA I/O is floating. The user FPGA design must include a PULLUP constraint on the corresponding net to ensure valid logic levels in both switch positions. See the UCF snippet below for an example.

NET "cm_mmcx_sw<0>" LOC = V30 | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS25 | PULLUP; #CLKHDR_CTRL12 in schematics
NET "cm_mmcx_sw<1>" LOC = R34 | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS25 | PULLUP; #CLKHDR_CTRL13 in schematics
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