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WARP: Wireless Open-Access Research Platform

We aim to design a highly capable, scalable and extensible platform for advanced wireless research. The design elements which provide these features are integrated into a complete platform, providing the tools and resources required for research and development at all levels of wireless systems. This integration enables researchers to focus on improving one aspect of a wireless system without having to implement, or even understand, everything required to enable real-world communications. All aspects of the platform, including the custom hardware designs, platform support packages and implementations of research applications, will be available in an open-access repository. This repository is available to and welcomes contributions from all users of the platform in hope of establishing an active resource for collaboration in high performance wireless research.

Research Applications

Platform Support Packages

  • sysgen2opb - Matlab script to convert System Generator hardware co-simulation models into OPB peripherals
  • FPGA Board C Library - C library for controlling the peripherals on the FPGA board
  • Radio Board Control - C libraries for controlling the radio board from an embedded PowerPC
  • WARP FPGA Board XBD? - Board description file for Xilinx Platform Studio

Reference Designs

  • FPGA Board Test - Project which tests the FPGA board's peripherals and demonstrates how to use them in custom designs
  • Backhaul Demo? - Demonstration project using the ACKMAC? to drive a SISO OFDM link and form a backhaul wireless network
  • Xilkernel Demo - Demonstration project running xilkernel and basic shell on the WARP board


  • User Guide - User Guide containing useful informations of subtleties pertaining to the WARP board and building projects with it in Xilinx Platform Studio.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware Designs

Papers & Presentations

WARP Repository

WARP Open-Access License