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WARP: Wireless Open Access Research Platform

WARP is a scalable and extensible programmable wireless platform, built from the ground up, to prototype advanced wireless networks. This is the main page for the WARP repository, home of the open-source WARP project. Learn more about the WARP Project.

Getting Started
Repository | Getting Hardware | License | Citing WARP
Reference Designs
802.11 Reference Design | OFDM Reference Design | WARPLab Reference Design | more...
Design Flows
WARPLab | Real-Time Physical Layers | WARPnet
Medium Access Layer
802.11 DCF | CSMA MAC | NO MAC
Hardware Platform
WARP v3 | FMC-RF-2X245 | FMC-BB-4DA | CM-MMCX | CM-PLL | more...
Platform Support
Custom Peripherals | Software Frameworks | Azimuth Emulator
Forums | How To Guides | Xilinx SDK | more...
Research Results
Papers and Presentations | Videos

Featured Projects

WARP-based Projects at MobiCom 2015

WARP has a significant presence at ​this year's MobiCom conference in Paris. Typical acceptance rate at the conference is between ​10-15%. Out of 200+ submissions, this highly selective peer review process produced only ​38 papers high quality papers for the main conference. Of those papers a total of 5 papers are built on WARP. Read more...

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Latest Community Research Updates

Read all the latest research results that use WARP

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