WARP User I/O Board | LCD Screen

The user I/O board display is a module which combines a 132x132 LCD panel and a dedicated controller. The on-board controller provides a standard SPI interface for user applications. Both control instructions and image data are sent via this SPI interface. Please refer to the User I/O Board Controller for more information on using the screen.

The LCD module is supplied by SparkFun Electronics. SparkFun also hosts a copy of the datasheet for the on-board LCD controller.

LCD Screen Pinout

The LCD module has a simple 4-pin SPI interface for control and data. Each pin is tied to dedicated FPGA I/O via the daughtercard headers.

The pinout information is listed below. The FPGA pins listed here correspond to WARP FPGA Board v1.2.

LCD - Pinout

Signal Header Pin Slot 1 Pin Slot 2 Pin Slot 3 Pin Slot 4 Pin
RESET 82 V5 AG10 AH38 K36
CS 85 V8 AH7 AH37 K37
SCLK 84 V3 AR6 AG34 L34
SDATA 83 W4 AM8 AG38 L33
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