WARPLab 6 (and earlier) Releases

Latest WARPLab Release

  • Notes for v6.2 Posted August 2012
    • Added support for WARP v3. In this release, the source models and software for WARPLab are different for WARP v3 than the v1 and v2 hardware. In a future release, these will merge back together to a common code base.
    • Added a new WARPLab command to verify network settings from within Matlab. If it even seems like WARPLab isn't working, simply run warplab_networkCheck(N) from the Matlab command line (where N is the number of nodes in your setup). This will run a series of diagnoses to help figure out what the problem is.
    • We introduced a bug in the prior 6.1 release that made the processing of sync packets jittery. This has been fixed in this release.
  • Notes for v6.1 Posted July 2012
    • Small, but important, bug fix. MAC addresses for each node were not updated based on dip switch value. This made any setup larger than 1 node fail due to arp table collisions. This has been resolved. v6.0 is deprecated and should not be used
  • Notes for v6.0 Posted July 2012
    • Design defaults to using gigabit Ethernet on WARP v2 Hardware (Virtex-4)
    • Improved packet handling on WARP v2 for fewer packet drops
    • Sync packets now sent as proper broadcast IP frames (X.X.X.255). Manual ARP table entries for sync packets no longer necessary.
    • Small change to M-code reference to reduce likelihood of "failed to receive ACK" error.
    • Thanks to a modified pnet for Matlab's UDP handling, WARPLab is sped by ~10x
  • Notes for v5.2 Posted December 2009
    • Can store RSSI data in the 4x4 design
    • Consolidated the Sysgen models. Now there is one Sysgen model, warplab_mimo_4x4.mdl, that implements the full system: 4 radios with I/Q and RSSI buffers. The 2x2 MIMO and 4x4 MIMO Reference Designs? are identical except the 2x2 Design leaves two paths of the model unconnected.
    • Minor update: Added the Null MGT wrapper core to the project (see note at the end of the FPGA Board user guide)
  • Notes for v5.1 Posted November 2009
    • Builds upon the features of Version 5
    • Support for both Version 1 and 2 of the FPGA Board
    • Single C-code base for both the 2x2 and 4x4 Reference Designs
    • Interoperable across both versions of the FPGA Boards
  • Notes for v5.0 Posted September 2009
    • Includes Automatic Gain Control (AGC). Previous versions of WARPLab required Manual Gain Control (MGC), the user was required to set receiver gains manually. Now AGC or MGC can be selected by M-code functions.
    • RSSI data read is supported by the 2x2 MIMO bitstream but not by the 4x4 MIMO bitstream
    • Continuous transmission mode is supported by both the 2x2 and 4x4 bitstreams

Resources for v6.2

Resources for v6.1

Notes on previous WARPLab releases can be found here?.

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